See how FHM model Jacq Yu stays hair free with Posh Skin Co.

Jacq Y. is one of the most popular FHM Models of the last 20 years and she recently joined Posh Skin Co for an exclusive update on her top beauty tips. 

Since featuring in FHM several years ago, Jacq has gone on to excel as an entrepreneur and fashion/beauty blogger in her own right. We spent time discussing both her current business interests and how she discovered Posh Skin Co - and why she loves the brand!

"Tell us a bit more about how you discovered Posh and the journey so far?"

With beauty clinics charging an absolute fortune to get basic treatments such as IPL hair removal and microdermabrasion, it quickly became obvious that paying so much money was ultimately going to waste. Reflecting on her beauty regime which included IPL laser hair removal, Microdermabrasion, Skin Needling, and Light Therapy, Jacq estimated she was spending well over $1,800 every year on these treatments. 

The challenge with finding the right products that actually work took a long time, researching both online and through her network, she came across Posh Skin Co. Initially purchasing the IPL Hair Removal handset, she has seen incredible results to date, completing the 12-week treatment on stubborn areas and saving hundreds and hundreds of dollars (no need for the beauty clinic anymore!).

"So Jacq, what's your beauty treatment schedule look like, what's working well?"

Without a doubt, in 2020 we've all been through a lot, the world is a different place. I get real comfort from the control over my beauty regime these days, I've split it into several parts, both morning and nights, and then weekly treatment - check it out:

Mornings - Use my morning moisturizer and Jade Roller to smooth my skin and any puffiness.

Evenings - Apply night creams and a good 20 minutes with the LED Light Therapy Mask to help stimulate my skin. I love the Posh Skin LED mask as I don't feel claustrophobic like a lot of the other masks out there. It's easy and I can keep doing things around the house if I need to.

Weekly Routine - My favorite part of the week! IPL Hair Removal (if needed to touch up any areas), as well as a good Microdermabrasion treatment. I tend to use the Derma Roller every 3-4 days, depending on how my skin is feeling :)


Thanks again Jacq, great chatting with you!