Posh Skin Co. Skin Rejuvenation Derma Roller

Posh Skin Co. Skin Rejuvenation Derma Roller


Posh Skin Co. Skin Rejuvenation Derma Roller

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Achieve salon/clinic results in the comfort of your own home with this effective skincare tool, the Posh Skin Co Derma Roller. With the microneedle, facial roller design, it has a head containing over 500 tiny 0.25mm needles that gently penetrate the skin to stimulate collagen and elastin production.

The appearance of your skin will visibly improve, as the derma roller works to reduce signs of acne scars, premature aging, wrinkles, and sagging skin. 

Combine the dermal roller with the Posh Skin LED face mask to maximize your skin treatment and regeneration regime.

Results in as little as 1 session
improvement of acne scars and discoloration
Reduced wrinkles and stretch marks
Skin rejuvenation for texture and complexion
Enhanced beauty product absorption


How to Use the Posh Skin Micro Derma Roller

  1. Cleanse the skin ensuring no residue is left. Rinse thoroughly and gently  pat dry
  2. For first-time rollers or sensitized skin, apply a gentle correcting serum and follow the rolling technique explained below.
  3. For skins requiring more active delivery, follow the rolling technique illustrated then follow with an application of correcting serum suited to your primary skin concern. 
  4. Follow and complete with your preferred moisturizer/night cream. 

Rolling Technique:

  1. Roll in back and forth motion over a small section of skin in a horizontal fashion.
  2. Repeat this process in a vertical pattern. 



Summer might be over but luckily California has beach days all year round ☀️ Thanks to @poshskinco I’ve found the perfect way to keep my skin smooth all year round! I’m soooo happy with my new @poshskinco IPL Hair Removal that I’ve been using from home and SO happy I don’t have to leave my house to go to do laser hair removal ever again 🙌🏼I’ve used it for a few weeks now & am already impressed with the results

Kaylee Rae

VerifiedI've been wanting to have this for ages. I have really sensitive skin and waxing & shaving was a nightmare! @poshskinco handy IPL laser device is a lifesaver. ✅

Melissa Gohing Nacino

I am loving this new discovery of mine, @poshskinco 's IPL Hair Remover 3.0 that lasts up to 1,000,000 treatments! Now you can easily pamper yourself from the comfort of your own home with this hassle-free device.

Kaila Concepcion

Essential ♡ Super happy I won’t be threading my legs no more and can’t wait for my IPL sessions at home using @poshskinco ! Smooth and hairless skin while in quarantine, yes please 🤍

Catherine Rem